The choir is one of the oldest groups in church history. It is of the Priesthood, dating back to the Old Testament Worship. It comprises of a group of musicians that sing and play, musical instruments to lead worship in God’s presence. In the Old Testament, the Choir was usually made up of the Son’s of Levi who led worship in the Tabernacle. This rite was their sole obligation.
– 1 Chronicles 15:16, 6:31, 2 Chronicles 7:6

Because music has an eternal function in the worship of Jehovah God, the Choir also becomes relevant in the New Testament Church.
- Revelations 5:11, Matthew 26:30, Acts 16:25

Functions of the Choir Department

  1.    Providing Sacred and Gospel music to lead worship during church services/events.
  2.    Performing specially rehearsed songs to minister to the congregation during the service.
  3.    Providing music to lead worship on special occasions i.e. revival meetings, weddings, naming, and burial ceremonies, etc.
  4.    Meeting regularly for music rehearsals at agreed periods of the week.
  5.    Regularly learning new songs and hymns, etc. to be able to lead worship effectively and teach the church congregation the newly learned songs.
  6.    Providing regular reports of the activities of the department to the Pastor.

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Min. Rashida Corneh (614) 313-2124